Making Online Advertising Cheaper Than a Cup of Coffee
ABOUT is a simple website promoting $1 DOLLAR A DAY for 100px by 50px ads. Ad that is cheaper than your everyday cup of coffee. Dollar A Day Ad website was founded by a young lad from SYDNEY, who wants to revolutionise the online advertising/listing by making it cheaper than a cup of everyday coffee.

At present this is a one man project/company focused on business and services of any size, but mainly looking to encourage new, startup, beginner, sole or family, small or medium size, city, suburban or regional business and services with limited, little or maybe never thought about any budget for advertising but would love to promote their brand, product and services, but again slightly reserved about the advertising cost and results.

And this is where I came with this idea of and other location and topic based websites to serve cheap, simple, easy and cost-effective advertising. Encouraging business and services to invest nearly less than nothing JUST a $1 DOLLAR A DAY and ONLY $360 for the whole year i.e ONLY $360 for 365 days to promote their brand, product and services. This is cheaper than your everyday cup of coffee.

Start advertising in or in one of our number of location and topic based websites and be part of cheaper than a cup of coffee online advertising. Making online advertising cheaper than a cup of everyday coffee.


Advertising Option



For $1 DOLLA A DAY, 100px by 50px size brand name LOGO will be displayed and linked to client's webiste, blog or social media page. All logo/images needs to be less than 5kb




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Get your Logo Ad PUBLISHED and LINKED to your website from just $1 Dollar A Day

LOCATION BASED WEBSITES: - Business and Services of Sydney ONLY - Business and Services of Pitt St Mall ONLY - Post of the Nation Australia - Retirement Villages in Sydney ONLY - Bondi Beach Sydney Australia - Bondi To Coogee Beach, Coastal Walk, Business and Services - Australia and Australian Websites - Photo of SYDNEY - Photos of MELBOURNE - Business and Services of Barangaroo Sydney ONLY Israel's Popular, Useful and Daily visited websites in one single website Photos of New York City NY USA

TOPIC BASED WEBSITES: - World's Popular, Favourite & Daily Visited Websites in One Single Website! - Jobs, Employment and Recruitments ONLY - Deals, Sale, Discount, Promotion, Ads and Bargains ONLY - Just Nepalese Business and Services Worldwide - Wordpress stuff ONLY - Retirement Villages ONLY - Credit Cards ONLY - Cycle, Cycling and Cyclists - Real Estate, Hotel, Resort, Holiday, Stay, Booking Website Direcotry - Mobile Phone Photography - Photos of World Airlines - Photos of World Airports - World's Most Expensive Domain Names Ever
GoogleHomepage.NETGoogle Homepage & Webistes in One Single Homepage World's lovely ladies in one single websiste Female Footballer in one single website Microsoft Brand, Products, Services and Websites in one single website University from around the world in one single website
UN Useful United Nations organistaion, links and websites in one single website
Donald Trump Donald Trump in one single website
Insure Homepage.comInsurance Homepage

TERMS & CONDITIONS will only accept/publish family friendly logo/website/ads. and the founder has sole right to accept or reject the publishing of logo/website/ad without any explanation. will update terms & conditions regularly and can change anytime without any prior notice. Please visit regularly for updated terms and condtions. might be filled with links to external websites, blog and social media pages and is not responsible for their privacy policies. Please read and be aware of their privacy policies before visiting those sites.
Logo/trademark/images/brand/company/name used in website are copyright of their respective owners.
$1 a Day is for 100px by 50px logo ads only. Size larger than 100px by 50px are charged at higher rate.
Logo and images of 100px by 50px need to be less 7-10kb. Anything higher than 10kb will not be accepted/published.
Logo/brand ads needs to be in jpeg or png, no gif or animated files. will in its best of the abilty display logo ads and keep service online. Unless, when it is out of founder's or general human control like outage, load shedding, server down, website hacked etc.
Logo size 100px by 50px advertisment service will be charged on yearly basis.
At present we are only serving 100px by 50px logo advertising. Other size ads might be availabe on clients request and higher rate will be charged.
DollarAdayAd or $1 A DAY Ad is based on or for 100px by 50px logo advertisment only.
Once the logo or the ads are published or displayed even just for a minute or short duration there is no cancellation or refund on it. So, please notify me before your ad gets published. My aim is make online advertsing really cheap and at the same time simple, clean, friendly, family feel, loveable and likeable. Want both party, me and the clients to be happy, succed and make each other happy and cheaper than a cup of coffee, successfull and the future of online advertising.

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